Still have questions?

It’s natural that you’ll have questions and possibly concerns about cancer screening and your Pap test. We have attempted to answer them on our website, but you may still have questions or feel anxious about your own experience or results.

There are answers to many of the questions at the websites and in the brochures listed below.

Follow the link to more information about:

If you have more questions, especially about your own test or results, speak to your doctor or the person who performed your test.

If you think you’d feel less anxious if you had a second opinion, you may wish to talk to another doctor, nurse or community health worker, or visit a Family Planning clinic, in your area. Our Pap test provider directory may assist you in finding a provider near you. 

If you have any questions about where to go for a Pap test, receiving reminder letters, or any general questions about the NSW Pap Test Register or the Cervical Screening Program. You can contact the Program online, or call the NSW Pap Test Register Infoline on 13 1556 or on 1800 671 693 (free call in NSW). 

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