Did your Pap test result give you the all clear?

Approximately 93% of women who have a Pap test in NSW receive normal results.

If you receive a normal (sometimes referred to as a ‘negative’) result, this means you don’t need to have another Pap test for two years, or as advised by your Pap test provider.

The result of your Pap test will be sent to the NSW Pap Test Register. The Register is a secure and confidential database of NSW women’s Pap tests.

If you forget to have your Pap test every two years, the Register will send you a reminder letter when you are three months overdue. Your Pap test provider may also have their own process to follow-up their patients who are due or overdue for their Pap tests. They may phone or send you a letter to remind you to book your appointment. 


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