Cervical screening guidelines and protocols

The National Cervical Screening Program has guidelines and protocols in place to maximise the effectiveness of screening in preventing cervical cancer and to protect the privacy of women who present for screening.

The current guidelines are the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Screening to Prevent Cervical Cancer:Guidelines for the Management of Asymptomatic Women with Screen-detected Abnormalities (2005).

As a health professional who has indicated that you perform the Pap test, you must follow these guidelines and protocols when:

  • dealing with women who seek information about Pap tests and who present for Pap test appointments
  • you inform your patients of their results
  • physically handling the tests and the results in your clinic or consulting rooms.

As a new provider you should have received the Information and Resource Pack for Health Professionals and Laboratories that outlines your responsibilities in screening for cervical cancer. The pack includes a summary of the NHMRC screening guidelines.

If you are a new provider and wish to receive the pack, contact us.

Essential information about your legal obligations is outlined in Section 96 of the NSW Public Health Act 2010.

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