Cervical cancer hypothetical case studies

This video series follows the hypothetical cervical cancer journeys of Anna, Jane and Arabella — from screening and diagnosis through all aspects of their multidisciplinary cancer care.

The series was developed from the Cancer Institute NSW's Gynaecological Cancer Professional Education Forum 2011, and features discussion by a multidisciplinary panel of experts, facilitated by Dr Norman Swan.

Watch the hypothetical case studies: screening, diagnosis and initial treatment and survivorship, recurrence and palliative care

The multidisciplinary panel

Dr Norman SwanDr Norman Swan

Kathryn Nattress (Clinical Nurse Consultant)Kathryn Nattress

Clinical Nurse Consultant

Claire Wilkinson (Patient)Claire Wilkinson

Patient Perspective

Chris Milross (Radiation Oncologist)Chris Milross

Radiation Oncologist

Kim Hobbs (Clinical Specialist Social Worker)Kim Hobbs

Clinical Specialist Social Worker

Peter Grant (Gynaecological Oncologist)Peter Grant

Gynaecological Oncologist

Katrina Rowan (Fertility Specialist)Katrina Rowan

Fertility Specialist

Debbie Hill (Metropolitan GP)Debbie Hill

Metropolitan GP

Diane Kavanagh (Rural GP)Diane Kavanagh

Rural GP

Katy Clark (Palliative Care Specialist)

Katy Clark

Palliative Care Specialist

Mariad O'Gorman (Clinical Psychologist)Mariad O'Gorman

Clinical Psychologist

Joan Ryan (Palliative Care Nurse Consultant)Joan Ryan

Palliative Care Nurse Consultant


Hypothetical cancer journeys

Anna (hypothetical patient)Anna

Anna is a 50 year old, married, Muslim woman with no children. She has never had a pap test and visits her GP to discuss post-coital bleeding.


Jane (hypothetical patient)Jane

Jane is a 38 year old married woman who lives in Orange with her husband and two children. She has been trying to conceive another child, and in this video she visits her rural GP to discuss abnormal intermenstrual and post-coital bleeding.


Arabella (hypothetical patient)Arabella

Arabella is a 29 year old single woman who lives independently. She visits her GP to discuss contraception in the context of a new relationship. She hasn't had a pap test since completing the HPV vaccination and is unaware of the need for ongoing pap testing.



Watch the hypothetical case studies:

Screening, diagnosis and initial treatment

Survivorship, recurrence and palliative care

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