Letters from the NSW Pap Test Register

The NSW Pap Test Register is responsible for storing information about a woman’s cervical test appointments and results and sending reminder letters to all women on the Register when they are overdue for a test.

The NSW Pap Test Register sends out the following types of letters to women:

Welcome letters

Welcome letters are sent to women when they have their first Pap test telling them that their results have been forwarded to the Register. The welcome letter explains how the service can support women by: sending reminder letters, keeping a history of test results and working with doctors to ensure appropriate follow-up care is provided in the instance that any abnormalities are found.

Reminder letters

Reminder letters are sent to women when they are overdue for Pap tests. Depending on a woman’s test history, reminders may be sent two-yearly (standard) or yearly (past history of abnormality). For example, women on the standard two-yearly screening recall are sent a reminder letter at 27 months and women on the yearly screening recall are sent a reminder letter at 15 months. Additional reminder letters are sent to lapsed screeners based on length of time since last screen and target specific age groups or geographic locations.

Follow up letters

Follow up letters are sent to Pap test providers and specialists to follow-up abnormal test results where the register has no record of a woman attending for recommended further testing or treatment according to the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Screening to Prevent Cervical Cancer: Guidelines for the Management of Asymptomatic Women with Screen-detected Abnormalities (2005). If the Register is unable to contact a woman’s provider or specialist, then a letter will be sent to the woman asking her to attend for a repeat Pap test and/or for further investigation.

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