Information and resources about the Cervical Screening Program for health professionals

As a health professional, you have a critical role in advising women to have Pap tests and in providing both the information and the friendly and sensitive environment that will help women understand the need for and effectiveness of screening.

General Practitioners

If you are a GP, you are a member of the group that performs about 85% of Pap tests in NSW and, through other health appointments with your patients, are ideally placed to introduce the topic among women who may be embarrassed or forget when their tests are due.

Nurses and community health workers

Female nurses also play a vital role in cervical screening, as they often provide Pap tests in locations where women may otherwise only have access to a male doctor. Nurses play an important role in reaching women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities, older women and women who may have never had a Pap test before.

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