What is the Pap Test Register?

The NSW Pap Test Register is a secure and confidential database of NSW women’s Pap tests, related follow-up tests and results that aims to reduce the incidence of, and deaths related to, preventable cervical cancer.

What is the role of the Register?

The Register provides a record for each woman’s test history that ensures:

  • a reminder letter is sent when a test is overdue
  • significant abnormalities are followed up
  • access to a woman’s screening history to improve test interpretation
  • screening rates and trends are monitored to help plan programs and increase understanding of cervical cancer.

Your healthcare provider is required to inform you about the Pap Test Register when performing a cervical test.  All women who have had Pap tests are included on the Register unless they choose to be removed. You should speak to the Pap test provider at the time of having your test if you choose not to be included on the Register.

If you have any other enquiries, you may contact the NSW Pap Test Register on our Contact Us page by selecting 'Contact NSW Pap Test Register' in the Nature of your Enquiry drop-down menu. Alternatively, you may call the NSW Pap Test Register Infoline on 13 15 56 or on 1800 671 693 (free call in NSW).



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