What information is collected by the Pap Test Register?

The NSW Pap Test Register provides a follow-up and reminder service to encourage women to have regular Pap tests.

The Register collects and holds information about each woman who has had at least one Pap test, cervical biopsy or HPV DNA test in NSW, including:

  • woman's name, address, date of birth, ethnicity and Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander origin status
  • details of the health practitioner who took the test
  • the date of the test and the name of the laboratory that processed it; and
  • the results of Pap tests, cervical histology tests or HPV DNA tests.

Being included on the Register is voluntary, almost 100% of all women who have a Pap test are on the Register. If you do not want your name and address to be included on the Register, tell your health practitioner at the time of your test and ask them to mark your test clearly “Not for Pap Test Register”.    

If you need to update your details on the Register you can submit a form online. 

Are my results kept confidential?

Yes. The register will ensure your information is only disclosed to you, or with your written consent, unless it is to:

  • your health professional
  • the laboratory that processed the test
  • ethically approved cervical cancer research projects (data supplied is aggregated to ensure individual privacy is maintained)

This is in accordance with the NSW Public Health Act 2010 and the NSW Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002. 

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