Reminder letters from the NSW Pap Test Register

The NSW Pap Test Register stores information about your cervical test appointments and results and is responsible for sending reminder letters to all women on the register when they are overdue for a test.

Welcome letter

The Register will send you a welcome letter, usually after your first Pap test, when it receives your details.

The Register will receive the following information after your first Pap test:

  • your name, address and date of birth
  • the date of your test
  • whether a test was for screening or diagnostic reasons
  • test results
  • the name, address and provider number of the person who performed the test
  • details of the laboratory that processed the test 

Reminder letters

A reminder letter is sent to you when the Register’s records indicate it’s been 27 months (2 years and 3 months) since your last test. It also points out the benefits of regular Pap tests in protecting your health.

However, the Register can only send you a reminder if it has your correct details. If you’ve changed your name or address, update your contact details online, or phone the Register's Infoline on 1800 671 693 (free call in NSW) or on 13 15 56.

If you receive a reminder letter and you’ve had a test within the past two months, you can ignore the reminder; it just means that your latest records haven’t yet been updated in the Register.

Translating Service

If you receive a reminder letter and you require the assistance of a translating service, the back of each letter includes information about how to contact the Translating and Interpreting Service by calling 13 14 50. The instructions are provided in 10 non-English languages on the back of each letter. 

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